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Class CIP on Monday 31 May 2010 


Your reflections on:

  • what you see
  • what you hear
  • whom you interact with (classmates, teachers, staff, elderly) 
  • personal anecdotes 

Just add your comments below. Thank you :-) 

Comments (1)

Foo Li Ting said

at 5:14 pm on Jun 1, 2010

I think that the elderly at care and concern society are pretty enthusiastic and optimistic people. I was really glad most of them were happy to participate in the activities we planned for them, and I was heartened that they actually took the initiative to come to the center for morning exercise every morning. I feel that everyone did well in trying to communicate with the elderly, though I agree with the staff there (Ms Chua) that we should have put in more effort to get to know more about the elderly instead of focusing on the activities we planned, as I believe that what they would treasure most is the care we give them, and not how the bingo game is played or whether they can match the photos correctly. But on the whole, I think this session was considerably successful.

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