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Class CIP is over ... Let's write about it ...

23 Jun 2010

What to write ...

  • about C & C Society vision, programmes, training
    • importance, volunteerism, support from and impact on society, support from government, aging population
  • about individual families visited
    • happy and sad stories, what we can help, what we can't, community help, volunteerism, educating the young
  • individual reflections
    • what I hope to have when I grow old,  what I hope would not happen to me when I grow old, what I could/should do now and later
  • reflections on related articles in the media:
    • Example: Straits Times Fri Jun 18 Home page C4 article Ad to spread filial piety message The ad is seen through the eyes of a boy, who watches as his father cares for his dying grandmother in hospital. The boy asks his father why he is sad about the grandmother - a difficult person to live with - when she had treated the family badly. The ad subsequently flashes back to the 1960s showing the elderly woman as a young mother rushing her sick son to hospital and caring for him as he waits to be treated. Its tagline: How one generation loves, the next generation learns. Watch the video at http://www.thinkfamily.sg/web/general/homepage.asp  

How to write ...

  • any of the above or combination of topics
  • any format (poem, essay, short story, letter to forum, letter to your grandparent, etc.)
  • any language, your own title 

Submit to ...

  • Can post online and send link to me, to put on this wiki (or email to me the article).


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